Eureka Nova Disruptive Business Solution

Corporate Incubation Program

Cohort #1 2018

About this Cohort

Eureka Nova offers startups the ideal platform to grow their business with the backup of a leading cultural institution. This incubation is a 12-month integrated enterprise support programme comprised of a 3-month acceleration workshop and a 9-month incubation, helping startup hopefuls to turn ideas into a successful and sustainable business.

Selected Startups

ASA Innovation & Technology Ltd..png

A-SA brings together premium design and long-lasting air purification technology to create interior spaces with the highest air quality.


Foodsmenu has built a food-centric search engine and pre-ordering platform, bridging customer wants and restaurant needs.


OmyCar cocreates new automotive services with corporate partners (e.g. insurance), unlocking new value from drivers’ data and rewarding good driving behavior.

p-sense logo(final).png

P-Sense provides accurate real-time indoor traffic monitoring solution.


Peacify Logo

Peacify’s smart socks utilize state-of-the-art baby monitoring system to provide real-time vital sign information and a peace of mind for parents.


SnapPop leverages AR technology to facilitate and enhance offline-to-online marketing campaigns.