New Stars, Ready to Shine

Eureka Nova

The literal meaning of eureka is I’ve found it.

It has become part of daily vernacular, synonymous with making breakthroughs in life since the Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes shouting “Eureka, eureka”, upon making a great discovery.


The word nova describes the sudden brightening of a star, and together, these two classic words represent what our brand is all about.

Who We Are

Hyperboost your Startup

Eureka Nova is an accelerator powered by the New World Group committed to business

integration. Our programs are built to hyperboost startup products and services with New

World Group and global partners to facilitate opportunities for startups to validate and

commercialize their businesses. Our mission is to make our mark in the startup ecosystem

and to make Hong Kong the platform to scale innovative and disruptive technologies.

The Eureka Nova Advisory Board

The Changemakers

Brian Cheng

Executive Director, NWS Holdings Limited

Tim Wu

Programme Director, Eureka Nova

The Eureka Nova Team

The Changemakers

Jon-Tzen Ng

General Manager

Yenson She

Head of Business Integration

Ben Wong

Head of Open Innovation

Suzie Qiu

Investment Lead

Andy Wong

Senior Manager

Janice Yang

Business Development


Anita Chan

Project Manager

Zabadee Lee

Technology Catalyst

Vincent Yau

Technology Catalyst

Emily Mak

Event Catalyst

Address: 9C Koho, 75 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.

Tel: +852 3589 6143.


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