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What is the Eureka Nova Hackathon? 

The 2021 Eureka Nova Hackathon is the premier, private event where the most innovative minds of Hong Kong team up to ideate, design, build and pitch the future of retail residential and commercial offices. The sky's the limit and potential winner’s solutions could be implemented at scale across New World Development properties - bringing innovation at a truly impressive scale.

Who should join? 

  • University students

  • Early-stage startups

  • Individuals with a background in business, marketing, and strategy & operations 

  • Passionate engineers who can build a working working code within a tight timeline

  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers

  • Anyone with an interest in innovation and big ideas to change the Hong Kong landscape 

  • Need to be able to attend onsite for entirety of April 24-25th weekend 

Each selected team must have 2-3 team members total, one of whom we recommend having a technical background (i.e. software developer, computer science degree, etc.). We also welcome that team members call in virtually during the hackathon - thought at least one team member should be physically present.

Case Challenges:

  • How might we understand customers’ shopping behavior while offering a seamless online-offline shopping experience?

    • NWD aspires to enrich customers’ experience through the power of creativity, culture and innovation. Leveraging future technology, NWD would like to devise solutions that can optimize a certain part of the customer journey, further attract potential customers, and maximize customer satisfaction. ​

  • How might a “super app” concept be relevant to New World’s existing ecosystem?

    • NWD’s businesses encompass different sectors, such as property, infrastructure, retail, hospitality and others.  It also liaises with many different third parties and payment gateways.  Currently, information and data are dispersed in different channels, apps, and vendor systems.​

  • How might we create forward thinking property management technologies?

    • Through “Creating Shared Value”, NWD integrates sustainability, technology, innovation, and cooperation into its multitude of business arms.  The solution should be designed to last, evolve with NWD’s property management operations, and bring impact to the desired business unit(s) or stakeholder(s). ​


  • Application deadline: April 18th

  • Notification of acceptance to hackathon: April 20th

  • Hackathon: April 24-25th @ 6/F, K11 Musea (no overnight)


  • Cash prizes for the top-3 selected teams; 50K HKD for 1st, 20K HKD for 2nd, and 10K HKD for 3rd

  • Opportunity to work with the Eureka Nova team to materialize ideas along with the New World Development business(es)

Location of hackathon:

  • 6th floor of K11 Musea (only selected teams are allowed into the venue)

  • K11 Musea is our Event Sponsor

About the Tech Partners:


How do I register?

  • Interested teams should apply via this application form by April 18th, 11:59 PM HKT. Please note at this time we are only accepting applications from fully formed teams (no individual applications). 

What is the team size?

  • Each selected team must have 2-3 people. Team members should have a variety of skills such as Business Strategy, Design and Software Development. We recommend that at least one team member should have technical experience to turn ideas into tangible code or concrete design.

What will be provided during the competition?


  • Each selected team will be provided a working space at K11 MUSEA for the duration of the event. You will have access to the AWS platform to submit your technical prototype. 

What are your deliverables during the competition?

  • In order to successfully submit your proposal for this hackathon you will need to provide a Business Proposal (i.e. Lean Canvas, etc.) 

  • Any prototype submitted may receive bonus points (i.e. your technical teammate is crucial here)

  • If your team is selected to be a finalist, you will have the opportunity to pitch to our judges and general public for a 10-min presentation

What language should the proposal be?

  • All business proposals need to be in English. Finalist presentations can be done in English or Cantonese.

Who owns the intellectual property of the work submitted during the hackathon?

  • Any IP developed by the team that is deemed unique and original in the market will belong to the team. New World Development will have the initial rights to work with the team on developing and scaling the IP.

How long can I stay at K11 MUSEA during the event?

  • This hackathon is private, invite only and will begin from April 24th, starting at 9:00 AM to April 25th, ending at 8:00 PM. Although this is a two-day event, participants are not allowed to spend the night on the premise. Participants will need to adhere to the normal operating hours of the malls as designated by K11 MUSEA. Further details and instructions will be given to participants.

Is there any technical support for an onsite mentoring and support?

  • Yes! In order to be set up for success, we have technical support from our AWS and Rice Robotics to help with any onsite questions that you might have. SmartMore, LifeSmart, Agile Robotics and GritWorld will be providing virtual support via WeChat during the hours of the Hackathon competition.

What should I bring to the site?

  • For the event, please bring a government issued ID and your laptop as a workstation. Also bring your best ideas and can-do attitude to co-create the future of real estate and retail.

If I do not have a technical degree, but am contributing as a designer or an idea generator, can I still participate in this event? 


  • Yes! We think participants from diverse backgrounds can bring unique perspectives to problem solving so we very much encourage you to join.


Am I allowed to leave early? Can I work remotely while my team members are on site? 


  • We highly encourage that all participants and teams stay onsite for the entirety of the event as you will have easier access to the technical support you need to help make your proposal successful. You will also have access to mentors that you would not have if you were offsite. 

Other than the recommended format of submission, am I allowed to send in my proposal in other formats?


  • Yes, you are allowed to submit your business proposal and technical prototype in a format other than the recommended format. The recommended formats are just suggestions, not requirements. Feel free to use whatever format you feel conveys your idea the best to our judges

Who will be the judges? 


  • Our hackathon judges will be a collection of tech and innovation partners within New World Development and our partner organizations. The final judge list will be announced at a future date. 

If I have more questions, who should I contact? 


  • We are here to help. Send us an email at info@eurekanova.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

(note that we will be watching Covid-19 protocols closely and will inform participants if anything changes)